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Jeanju City Arts Group.jpg
Jeonju City Art Group jointly performs Korean opera ‘Jegichagi’

Jeonbook Ilbo,  July 13 2023

(This article contains Korean texts. / Photo Credit: Jeonju City Arts Group)

Kisun Sung Conductor (2).jpg
Jeonju International Sori Festival opens on the 15th with ‘Coexistence and Recovery’.

Jeolla Ilbo,  September 13 2023

(This article contains Korean texts.)

[Review] The joyful Rigoletto that heats up the late autumn night sky!

Jeonbook Ilbo,  November 14 2023

(This article contains Korean texts. / Photo Credit: Honam Opera)

Kisun Sung Conductor.jpg
Jeonju Philharmonic Orchestra held inauguration concert for permanent conductor Sung Kisun... Together with baritone Ko Seong-hyeon from Jeonju

Jeonbook Domin Ilbo,  March 10 2022

(This article contains Korean texts.)

Concert Review: Festival Orchestra Plays Vigorously
The Atlantic Music Festival July 30 at Colby Collegein Waterville.

Pressherald,  July 17 2017

Bucheon Philharmonic to perform Brahms & Mendelssohn

Kiho Daily News Feb 2014

Kisun Sung conducts Brahms & Mendelssohn with in-depth interpretation.


(This article contains Korean texts.)

Ewha Philharmonic to hold a New Year concert
Financial News Jan 2014


(This article contains Korean text.)

National Opera Center to perform "La Boheme"

News1 Dec 2013

Kisun Sung conducts "La Boheme" with astonishing technique and penetrating intelligence.


(This article contains Korean text.)

Ewha University to establish Ewha Philharmonic Orchestra

Financial News Jan 2013

Ewha University establishes Ewha Philharmonic Orchestra with Kisun Sung, the music director.


(This article contains Korean text.)

Ewha Orchestra to participate "2012 Symphony Festival" as the first University Orchestra 

The Asia Economy Daily  Apr 2012

Kisun Sung said "It is honorable to participate the Symphony Festival as the first University Orchestra ever performed the festival. Ewha Orchestra will perform with stunning technique and artistic style as the first established women orchestra in Korea. 


(This article contains Korean text.)

For Novice Conductors, Not-So-Token Gestures

The Washington Post  July 2000

Ki-Sun Sung delivered a crackling, rhythmically secure interpretation of Stravinsky's "Firebird" Suite. 

Aspiring conductors lead National Symphony 

The Baltimore Sun  July 2000

Sung's confidence was reflected in much of the playing by the NSO, which also purred nicely for Slatkin in Debussy's "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun."

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